1. Presentation:

It is accounted for that India is the AIDS capital of the world and is holding the main situation for as far back as quite a while, according to a joint report on the Global AIDS situation by UNAIDS and WHO. In like manner it is accounted for by U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that consistently around 50,000 U.S grown-ups and young people are determined to have HIV disease.

Thus there is a basic requirement for finding an enduring answer for absolutely destroy this hazard.

Assault on AIDS is three pronged as follows:

a) Social methodology.

b) Psychological methodology and

c) Clinical methodology.

In all the pandemics, the over three methodologies need consideration. Particularly in AIDS intercession, the three are between related and are similarly significant. The Indian Government, with the guide of International associations like US AIDS is spending tremendous sum in AIDS mindfulness. Today in India, even a cart puller knows about the fundamental precautionary measures like condom utilization, blood tests like ELISA and so on.

In any case, therapeutic applications have a place with various classification. Prescriptions ought to be regulated distinctly on the counsel of a certified clinical expert. However, a social specialist ought to know about the most recent improvements in restorative treatment and the other way around.

It is in light of that thought, the undersigned creator, however a mental advisor kept a nearby watch on improvements in hostile to HIV drugs. The article given beneath is inclusion of AIDS drugs from 1987. The sources are from different clinical announcements, Press discharges and conversations with clinical experts in different workshops. Reference is given any place conceivable. It is trusted that the perusers will be profited by knowing the most recent advancements in hostile to HIV drugs.

2. The Discovery in 1987:

The principal weapon to battle against spread of HIV inside a human body was found in 1987. Its name is AOP-RANTES which repressed HIV passage into lymphocytes as well as into macrophages. They meddle with white platelets which ensure the body against infections and microscopic organisms. AOP-RANTES squares HIV section platelets. (In light of an examination by Glaxo Wellcome coordinated effort) Scientists accept that by assaulting HIV in beginning phase, they can defer or stop movement to infection. That was another methodology focusing on have cells for example CD4 (white platelets) to forestall HIV section.

This is the start of the new modern battle against HIV. We will see here beneath further advances beginning from 1987 in the know regarding the most recent improvements in the clinical History in man’s battle against HIV/AIDS.

3. Initial Ten Years of Battle 1987-1997:

On 03.3.87, Retrovir, the primary medication authorized for the treatment of HIV/AIDS was propelled in the UK. Till at that point, specialists were frail to battle against progression of HIV to AIDS prompting demise. In 1995, new information uncovered that taking a mix of Retrovir with one of the most impressive medications Epivir TM, (3TCTM, lamivudine), diminishes the measure of HIV in the blood by 99% Since at that point, different investigations have indicated that expansion of a third medication, an individual from another class of medications called protease inhibitors which assault the infection in an alternate manner, lessens the measure of infection much further to imperceptible levels in certain patients.

Since Retrovir was propelled and in less time than it regularly takes to carry only one medication from research facility to the patient, another 8 medications have been authorized to treat HIV and there are many expected new medications in the pipeline.

In 1997, Professor Joep Lange, Director, National AIDS Therapy Evaluation Center at the Academic Medical Center, University of Amsterdam pronounced that:

“Regardless of whether we can’t destroy the infection, we will keep on creating treatment procedures that stifle the contamination and forestall ailment movement for more and longer until HIV turns into a sensible non-dangerous condition”.

So this is the circumstance in 1997. Workmanship on one side and progress in research on the opposite side denoted the improvements from 1987 to 1997

4. A New Combination of Drugs to Cure AIDS in 1999:

In a significant improvement in the region of AIDS treatment Prof. Anthony Fauci of the National Institute for Allergy and irresistible sicknesses in US declared another mix of medications that guaranteed of a solution for AIDS. Prof Fauci, who is a globally famous AIDS master, made the above declaration at the tenth International Conference on immunology.

The new mix held out the desire for a likely remedy for the infection as it had been found to get out the AIDS infection totally from the circulatory system. In particular, it was found to expel the infection from explicit cells of the invulnerable framework (CD4 cells).

The new mix he declared was ART drugs, AZT (Azidothymidine) and a compound protease (three medication treatment), alongside the consideration another new medication by including interluekins, a class of proteins discharged by invulnerable cells totally killed the infection from CD$ cells that flowed in blood.

The new medication, however may be effective, it may not be very useful to creating nations, as the treatment would be costlier than the current one, which itself was past the range of the greater part of them.

5. TRUVADA: the 21st Century Drug:

Truvada is referred to artificially as a fixed-portion, day by day in-take blend of emtricitabine and tenofovir disoproxil fumarate. Since 2004, it has been advertised as a treatment to those effectively influenced with HIV. Notwithstanding, starting 2010, clinical investigations exhibited that the medication could keep individuals from getting the disease. Truvada could be a preventive measure for high-chance people, for example, those with HIV constructive accomplices gave the clients counsel sexual wellbeing advocates and use condoms.

A multi year study demonstrated that the every day in-take of Truvada decreased the danger of contamination in solid gay and cross-sexual men by 42%, who have a place with high hazard gathering.

An ongoing report in 2011 found that Truvada diminished disease by 75% in hetero couples in which one accomplice was tainted.

An ongoing Press-Release by FDA illuminates that they have since given their first historically speaking gesture for this enemy of HIV medication to the pharmaceutical organization Gilead Sciences. (Source: The Hindu-July 18, 2012)

6. End:

S brief and straightforward treatment of hostile to HIV drugs was given in the above sections. Taking care of the necessities of HIV/Aids influenced and contaminated individuals requires abilities in different fields. A profoundly qualified specialist ought to have a twisted of social help and furthermore ought to be an analyst. In like manner, a social specialist ought not exclusively be a decent analyst, yet additionally ought to have a basic information on AIDS medicine. Additionally a clinician ought to have the information on both social assistance and medication.

That is with that thought that this article is submitted. Days are not far-removed when a conventional individual in India will talk of TRUVADA like a layman knows ELISA today.

Let we all, who have a place with different orders of information consolidate to battle against this feared twentieth century beast.

Dr B.Sathyanarayanan (brought into the world 1947) is an accomplished overseer, teacher,writer and social laborer. He is M.Sc(Physics) from Annamalai University (1969). He considered Psychology and Philosophy as two extra subjects for graduation. He functioned as a PHYSICS LECTURER for a long time (1969-1971). Afterward, he needed to take up a bank work and proceeded with Physics and Philosophy research secretly. At 50 years old, he got intentional retirement from banking administration to give more opportunity for social, instructive and research exercises.

The years 1997-2005 denoted his association in AIDS intercession programs. He began a N.G.O ‘SAGODHAR’ for intercession programs with AIDS tainted and influenced individuals. He went to a few International classes on AIDS in Chennai, Calcutta and Ahmedabad. He proceeded with his enthusiasm for research and got his PhD in Psychological advising in 2000. Despite the fact that his specialization is mental guiding, he shows dynamic enthusiasm for learning clinical turns of events and social assistance as well.