About us

We need ZERO barriers to HIV-treatment for everyone living with HIV
Access to healthcare and HIV treatment medication are still ongoing issues to fight for by all humans. More than half of the people globally living with HIV have no access to life-saving medication. Specifically by LGB, trans and intersex people, sex workers, indigenous people, young women, people who use drugs and many more vulnerable populations worldwide.
In some areas, there are cutoffs from medication due to political situations (Venezuela) or wars. Certain administrations and their presidents (Putin, Trump, and Duterte) have become indifferent to the fight against HIV and AIDS and the care for people who use drugs or LGB, trans and intersex communities in particular.
People of colour, migrants, and refugees are suffering from exclusion by laws and policies. In the western parts of this globe, not all have equal access to PEP or PrEP that could stop adding new people living with HIV to our community.
We fight for ZERO discrimination, prosecution and stigmatisation of people living with HIV
Next to unequal access to HIV treatment medication and access to healthcare, people who live with HIV are prone to stigmatisation, discrimination and, in many parts of the world, even prosecution.
The fact that people with HIV who use medication successfully are incapable of transmitting HIV is still not widely known to the public. The knowledge that undetectable equals untransmittable (U = U) is hugely empowering and de-stigmatising for people living with HIV and a powerful tool to end stigmatisation.


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